Stainless Steel Front Uprights

The SX2 now comes standard with stainless steel 3×3 11 gauge front uprights to keep your rack looking new.
SX2 Stainless Steel Uprights
MAXUM SX2 Smith Machine Functional Trainer Squat Rack Home Gym

Patented Articulating Functional Trainer Arms

The patented articulating functional trainer arms is a game changer. You can go wide for exercises like chest flys and cable crossovers. And you can bring them together to leverage both stacks at the same time for exercises like lat pulldowns and seated rows.

Standard Commercial Rack Tubing

The frame is built with 3×3″ 11 gauge steel and has 5/8″ holes throughout making it compatible with rack attachments from other brands. It also features 1″ Westside hole spacing which allows for the precise placements of your J-hooks and safeties for those big lifts.
MAXUM SX2 Smith Machine Functional Trainer Squat Rack Home Gym
SX2 Description Specifications

Counterbalanced Smith Machine

The optional counterbalance is designed to provide a more balanced and controlled lifting experience. The counterbalance bar helps to offset the weight of the barbell, making it easier to perform certain exercises with proper form and technique.

Dual 220 lb Weight Stacks

The included dual 220 lb weight stacks ensures you will have the weight you need for all your functional trainer exercises. And for those that need a little more, the included weight plate horns allow you to add weight plates to the stack.
SX2 Description Specifications
SX2 Description Specifications

Quick Attach and Release Leg Press Plate

The quick attach and release leg press plates conveniently converts your smith machine into a leg press machine.

Strap Safety Arms and UHMW Sandwich J-hooks

The unique and hefty strap safety arms gives you your bar a soft landing when you need it. And the J-hooks use UHMW sandwiched between two thick steel plates to protect your bars finish and knurl.
SX2 Description Specifications


  • Smith machine
  • Functional trainer – dual 100 kg (220 lbs) weight stacks and plate loaded
  • Squat rack
  • Lat pulldown and low row
  • Pull-up station
  • Dip station


  • Patented articulating functional trainer arms
  • Aluminum pulley wheels
  • 3 x 3″ 11 gauge steel
  • Standard 5/8″ hole diameter
  • 1000 lb load capacity
  • Dual 100 kg (220 lbs) solid refined steel weight stacks that allow for more weight via weight plates
  • 1″ and 2″ weside hole spacing
  • Dual front and rear squat rack
  • Height adjustable functional trainer at a 2:1 ratio
  • Counter balanced smith machine (can be removed)
  • 6 weight plate storage pegs
  • High quality pulley wheels and vertical smith machine bearings
  • Restistance band peg support


  • Sandwich J-hooks – UHMW
  • Strap safety spotter arms
  • Quick attach leg press plate
  • Dip station
  • Lat pulldown knee hold (center and side)
  • Low row foot plate (center and side)
  • Landmine
  • Strap handles
  • Lat bar
  • Straight bar
  • Landmine T-bar
  • Tricep rope
  • Barbell pad
  • Quick release barbell collars


Steel specs3 x 3" 11 gauge
Hole size5/8"
Hole spacing1" and 2" weside spacing
Weight capacity1000 lb
Height (highest point):93 1/2"
Rack width:49 1/4"
Floor depth:60 1/4"
Smith machine barbell length:83"
Net weight1433 lbs
Packed weight:1493 lbs
Packed crate dimensions:86" x 34" x 24" wooden crate
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