One of the most overlooked pieces of essential home gym equipment is the shock-absorbing rubber floor mat. If you’ve ever worked out in a professional gym, you’ll probably have seen this type of flooring installed near racks of dumbbells, under benches and squat racks, and around any other equipment that uses free weights (ie. dumbbells, barbells, and weight plates). 

Gym flooring provides a comfortable surface to train on, and acts as a shock absorber should you happen to drop weights—intentionally or otherwise. Many basement and garage home gyms in Canada have smooth concrete floors that are especially prone to damage. With high-quality rubber gym mats as the foundation for your home gym, both your floors and your equipment will be protected from even the highest-impact workouts.


The amount of gym flooring you will need depends on the size of your home gym, the equipment you plan to use, and the type of floor you currently have installed. The best way to figure out how much gym flooring you need is to measure your space. 

The gym mats we offer at MAXUM are sold by the square meter (100x100cm/3.3x3.3ft) broken into four 50x50cm tiles. You can figure out the floor area of your space by multiplying together the length and width of your space in meters. 

A great perk of purchasing gym flooring from MAXUM is that if your total purchase price is at least $500, you will receive free Canada-wide shipping!

Absolutely! You can always contact MAXUM directly if you have additional questions you would like answered about gym flooring, or any other equipment we offer. We pride ourselves in our customer care and experience throughout the purchase process and beyond. Your satisfaction is our number one priority. We will do everything possible to help you on your fitness journey, as we strive to be the top provider of home gym equipment in the GTA, Southern Ontario, and across Canada.

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