Smith Machines have been a staple piece of equipment in commercial and home gyms across Canada for decades. Consisting of a fixed barbell that glides up and down along a set of vertical rails, the Smith Machine is versatile and has a number of unique benefits. 

The primary benefit of the Smith Machine is that it is designed specifically for controlled barbell training. The fixed vertical movement pattern eliminates the need for advanced balance to perform certain exercises. Without the challenge of finding and maintaining balance, you can perform targeted exercises that isolate muscle groups and emphasize form. 

Another terrific benefit of training on a Smith Machine is that it provides a safer training experience, especially if you workout alone. Because of its fixed design, the bar can’t be dropped, and with limited multi-directional movement, it’s much less likely that you will lose your balance.


The most important equipment needed to make the most of a Smith Machine are weight plates, barbells, and rubber gym flooring. Additionally, you can optimize your Smith Machine workouts and unlock new exercises and variants of exercises with an adjustable weight bench

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Smith Machines are an incredibly safe and effective piece of home gym equipment. Compared to working out with traditional barbells and free weights, Smith Machines offer built-in safety features, including a bar lock which prevents it from dropping. 

However, regardless of these safety features, proper precautions must always be taken when working out in your home gym. When possible, work out with a partner, and always be aware of your own physical limitations. If you have concerns about injuries or your ability to perform strength training exercises, consult with a medical professional.

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