Often found abandoned or severely underused in basements and garages across Canada, this apparatus is full of untapped potential. The humble weight bench has long been a home gym staple and, paired with a set of adjustable dumbbells, it forms a compact and comprehensive home gym setup. 

A high-quality adjustable weight bench provides the perfect foundation for seated, lie-flat, incline, and decline exercises. Customizable with additional attachments, an adjustable weight bench is the perfect tool to use in your full-body workouts. 

Whatever your workout style, an adjustable weight bench can unlock a whole new range of exercises and variations that will help accelerate you towards your strength and fitness goals.


The most important equipment needed to make the most of a weight bench are dumbbells, barbells, weight plates and rubber gym flooring. Additionally, an adjustable weight bench can be used to unlock new exercises and variations of exercises when using Squat/Power Racks, Functional Trainers, or Smith Machines. 

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