Crown Gear Soldier – Military Style Weight Lifting Gloves


Rugged, Military Style Weight Lifting Gloves

Strong enough to withstand a rough workout and still protect your hands. With 3D molding that creates a snug and comfortable fit, the Soldier Military weight lifting gloves provide protection at key points in your hands, including the knuckles, side and palm.

Combat your workout with a complete wrist wrap that gives integrated wrist support and anti-slip gel printing to increase grip safety. Reduce sweat and improve comfort from a strenuous workout with Soldier Military gloves that keeps sweat away from the palm and reduces the risk of related injuries.



Power through your workout with these rugged, military style gloves featuring:

  • Ultra-Protective Palm layered with High Density Foam
  • Knuckle Protection
  • Full Wrist Wrap Featuring New Generation Industrial Strength Velcro
  • Gel Grip Print 
  • Cushioned contact areas to prevent blisters
  • Double stitching
  • Industrial strength velcro
SizePalm Circumference
SMALL7 - 7.5"
MEDIUM7.625 - 8"
LARGE8.125 - 8.5"
X-LARGE8.625 - 9.25"
XX-LARGE9.375 - 10"


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