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With regard to fitness equipment, there really isn’t any particular type of gear that can be considered the best or the most useful. Each type of home fitness equipment has been designed with a specific purpose in mind. In the case of dumbbells, they were designed for adding lean muscle, and for increasing the strength of the individual working out.

If you are in search of high-quality dumbbells for your personal fitness training in Canada, Maxum fitness carries two types for full body workouts:

Dumbbells are often used for joint-isolation type exercises, for instance shoulder-raises, bicep curls, and chest flys. They can also be used by people intending to improve their cardio and respiratory functions. Below, you’ll find some of the most important advantages offered by using dumbbells for fitness training

Benefits of using dumbbells in workouts

Here are ten of the most useful benefits derived by using dumbbells in your workouts:

  • Metabolic or mechanic overload – metabolic overload happens when a muscle gets fatigued and consequently stores more glycogen which will cause muscle size to grow. Mechanic overload occurs when muscle contractions happen and cause damage, thereby stimulating repairs and leading to bigger muscles. Heavy dumbbells have a tendency to produce mechanical overload, whereas lighter-weight dumbbells with a high number of repetitions will result in metabolic overload.
  • Increased level of muscle activation – both intramuscular coordination and intermuscular coordination are developed as a result of regular dumbbell workouts. Intermuscular coordination causes many different muscles to work together, whereas intramuscular coordination calls for all the muscle motor units and attached muscle fibers to be activated within any given muscle.
  • Muscle tissue benefits – the elastic component and the contractile component of muscle tissue is improved by using dumbbells. Traditional dumbbell exercises have the effect of increasing the force production capacity of the contractile aspect of muscle tissue, whereas the elastic component is enhanced by choosing lighter dumbbells with multiplanar movement patterns.
  • Variety of exercises – standard dumbbells are ideally used for compound movements across a single plane of motion. Because they can be held in each hand, and because of their size, dumbbells can be used to engage in a variety of different movement patterns, and these can help develop movement-specific strength or task-specific strength.
  • Initiating strength gain – because dumbbells permit the user to focus on one leg or arm at a time, it provides a great way to trigger strength gains through heavy overloads. Using one dumbbell can be effective in a one-armed press or a split leg squat, so as to generate overload in one arm or leg at a time.
  • Greater freedom of movement – if you happen to be bench-pressing a barbell, your shoulders and arms would remain in a fixed position through a limited range of motion. Dumbbell presses would allow you to alter the movement pattern a bit so your shoulders could then move freely. When you’re using dumbbells, you can rotate your shoulders and bring the dumbbells higher or lower against your body, so as to target specific muscles and remain pain-free.
  • Increase range of motion – one of the best ways to overload muscles and build strength is to increase your range of motion. With barbells, range of motion is fairly limited, but that’s not the case with dumbbells. You can add a whole new dimension to your movements by extending the range of motion with your dumbbells.
  • More ways to intensify workouts – when using dumbbells in your workouts, it is much easier to incorporate traditional drop sets, mechanical advantage drop sets, and rest-pause repetitions. Barbell training simply doesn’t have the capability of including these high intensity techniques, so you just can’t take advantage of the terrific benefits they supply.
  • Greater safety – if you are training alone with barbells, there’s always the possibility of an accident occurring, or of you having a muscle overload that you can’t handle. That just can’t happen when you’re training with dumbbells, because in a worst-case scenario, you would just drop the dumbbells and move on to the next activity.
  • Eliminate strengthen imbalances – your limbs are forced to work unilaterally when working with dumbbells. If it turns out that one side or the other is significantly weaker, there’s no getting around the fact, and both will have to contribute to the workout. It’s impossible to overcompensate with dumbbells, and that means they are extremely effective for shoring up any kind of imbalances. 

As you can see, there are quite a few benefits to be gained by using dumbbells in your workouts. This is true whether you’re a novice to the fitness scene, or whether you’re an experienced campaigner. If you really want to maximize your workouts, be sure to include some training time with dumbbells. Visit our website today:  At Maxum fitness we offer competitive pricing and provide a wide range of weight training equipment for full body workouts at your home gym.

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