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MAXUMize your fitness: Our top 3 picks for must have at home gym equipment

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MAXUMize your fitness: Our top 3 picks for must have at home gym equipment

With Canada’s iconic winter weather unfolding as we speak, getting our heart rate going from the comfort of our homes seems to be the growing choice for many; which might include you!

However, it’s not difficult to get stumped on how to build a home gym you’ll actually want to use; sound familiar? Looking for solutions, once and for all?

Well, lucky for you, you’re in the right place!

The following lays out our top 3 professionally-picked equipment choices we feel no at-home gym should be without.

As a figurative warm-up though, here’s an important preface before we dive into it:

It’s essential to ensure you align the home gym equipment you select with your pre-established workout goals.

This increases the likeliness of motivation, results and, not to mention, money well-spent.

Nonetheless, even with specific fitness ambitions in mind, it can still be overwhelming to decide what exactly to invest in.

Enter our top 3 expert recommendations. Let’s go!

Pick #1: A Smith Home Gym Machine

Given the seemingly endless amount of options available, shopping for fitness equipment can leave one’s head spinning. Good news – get it back on straight with just one machine.

Noted as the perfect all-in-one workout solution by many, the S-150 Smith Machine reigns supreme amongst countless fitness professionals.

Its inherent multi-functionality means squats, shoulder presses, deadlifts and much more are all possible within this miraculous piece of machinery.

Suitable for all fitness levels, superior in versatility and noted for its straightforward and speedy set-up process (including from our satisfied customers!), we suggest considering an S-150 or other options from the state-of-the-art Smith Machine collection when outfitting your home gym.

Learn more about the S-150’s amazing abilities right here.

And a head’s up; if you decide to take home one of our uber-effective Smith Machines, you’ll also enjoy 20% off other various fitness supplies we offer (might we propose putting your discount toward our following pick!).

Pick #2: Snode adjustable dumbbells

While our first pick may present itself as the only exercise tool you’ll ever need, it’s incredibly paramount to periodically switch up your workout routine; otherwise, your progress may plateau, leaving your goals stalled and time having been preventably wasted.

Keep your body’s momentum intact by getting back to basics.

A staple of any killer home-gym, our second pick is a pair of durable, high-quality, adjustable dumbbells.

In particular, the Snode AD80 Adjustable Dumbbells are known not only for their cast iron-based toughness, but the easy-to-use 8-gear weight adjustment; here’s a peek at the many ways they can be implemented into your fitness routine.

Read up on the remarkable health benefits of using dumbbells (like how they can sculpt way more than just your arms) right over here.

Pick #3: Magnetic exercise bike

Boost your cardio and burn fat by adding an exercise bike to your workout area.

Selected for our third and final pick, we suggest discovering the benefit-packed Snode Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike; while other resistance types exist, a magnetic-based one equals a zero-noise experience with little to no required maintenance.

Equipped with an iPad holder, Bluetooth accessibility and compatible with apps such as FITLOG, Peloton and Zwift, sweat it out by sitting down with a Snode exercise bike or other cardio machine, a fundamental part of your at-home fitness space.

How to build your home gym: Next steps

So you’re thinking about the above selections. But – maybe you have questions? Want to try them out for yourself first? Thinking of perusing other equipment options too? We say: good thinking!

As a proudly Canadian home-gym equipment provider, we at MAXUM fitness are here to assist whenever needed, giving the utmost attention and care to each and every one of our clients. And, FYI: we’d love it if you were our next one.

Wherever you’re at in your home gym journey, we’re always ready to help you MAXUMize your fitness experience, online or in-person; give us a shout or visit us in-store today!

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