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10 Ways To Get In Better Shape From Home In Canada

10 Ways To Get In Better Shape From Home In Canada

Using the best home gym equipment in Canada ensures you get in fantastic shape from your comfort zone. Take cues from the top 10 ways to get in better shape from home. Get fit in your home gym and remain in the best shape of your life without hassle.

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Selecting the right home gym equipment is crucial to get in better shape easily. However, not everyone knows how to choose correct gear for their home gym in Toronto, the GTA and Canada.

That’s why this guide provides ten of the best equipment to help you get in better shape from home. Besides pointing out these top equipment, you’ll learn how to use each one and what muscles will get toned. Being in the best shape will working at home can’t be any easier.

1.    Power Rack Home Gym

A power rack home gym is the perfect piece of equipment to get in perfect shape without hassle. A functional trainer power rack can provide multipurpose support for a wide range of home exercises.

Make sure you choose durable products like the S-150 Smith Machine Functional Trainer Home Gym. Selecting such an affordable choice ensures you get essential attachments like:

  • Pull handles (updated to strap handles)
  • Dip bars
  • Lat bars
  • Straight bars
  • Multi-use, V-style bars
  • Tricep ropes
  • Low row footplates
  • Landmines
  • Barbell pads

Selecting such a home gym ensures you get access to perform several powerful lifts, squats, and presses. Burning calories and building your overall mass in the comfort of your home can’t be any easier.

2.    Gym Mat

Exercising on hard floors causes your back, hands, and wrists to hurt, especially when you’re performing tough routines. With a wide Premium EZ Rubber Gym Mat, you can perform simple yoga and regular exercise routines from home.

The commercial-grade mat measures 50cm X 50cm X 2cm (19.7” long by 19.7” wide by 0.8” thick). Interlocking plastic clips on this mat makes sure you can strike tough poses without stress. And its durable, anti-slip surface ensures users don’t fall during home yoga practice or re

Each order for this mat comes with 4 tiles each and can be used to floor your entire indoor gym.

3.    Stationary Bikes

Stationary bikes are ideal to take much-needed spin classes to build your leg muscles. And who says you need to visit the gym to get your own dose of spin action whenever you want to? With a budget stationary bike, you can build tougher leg and arm muscles while you’re comfortable at home.

Make sure your stationary bike has the following features to max out your home exercises:

  • Multiple handlebar positions (any quality product that offers 4+ positions is great)
  • At least four height positions
  • Seat adjustments
  • LCD monitor to display speed, burned calories, workout duration, and more
  • Tablet holders, and
  • At least six resistance settings for more arm and leg muscle working

Adding a stationary bike to your home gym equipment ensures you max out being in shape without hassle.

4.    Jump Ropes

Good old jump ropes remain a vital part of any home gym setup, and for good reason. Jumping ropes serve as an excellent medium for cardio, especially for indoor exercises.

Recent additions to jump rope technology, like the digital counter and duration clock adds a twist to jumping exercises. Go for a jump rope that spans at least 1.5 times your overall height to make workouts easier.


5.    Light Weights

Lifting lighter weights ensures you work your back, arm, and torso muscles. Even your legs aren’t left out. Select a 7ft Chrome Olympic Barbell – 500 lb Capacity and coated, Rubber Grip Olympic Weight Plates for muscle-building workouts in your comfort zone.

6.    Rowing Machines

A rowing machine in your home gym helps to work your chest, legs, gluteus, and arms. Whenever you pull the handle fixed on this machine, it returns cords from a magnetic wheel fixed onto pedals.

Ensure you select a rowing machine with adjustable resistance levels to fit your pull threshold. Also, a quality rowing machine should have the following:

  • Mini LCD monitor to show burned calories, workout duration, rows completed, etc.
  • Cushion with extra padding to ensure comfort during prolonged workouts
  • Foot straps to keep your feet planted onto the pedals
  • Foam-fitted handlebars to stop calluses from forming after long exercises

Also, ensure your rowing machines can be placed at a large space to guarantee you ample space to work out. These machines could range from about $80 to $200 based on certain features.

7.    Incline – Decline Bench Press

Engaging the right bench press movements will be incomplete without an adjustable incline bench. Ensure you select a top choice, like the FID-400 Adjustable Flat / Incline / Decline Bench Press to guarantee you get the right presses without hassle.

8.    Suspension Trainers

Suspension trainers are portable, and many options can transform any part of your home into a gym. You can work most muscles at home with ease, since most straps come with a anchor and loop design.

9.    Medicine Balls

Using medicine balls at home can help you work muscles around your arm and core region. Lying on a gym mat, you can twist, lift, balance, and engage other shape-toning movements easily.

10. Massage Rollers

Foam massage rollers are a great addition to your post-workout routine. Using one or a couple of foam rollers ensures that your muscles avoid unnecessary strain. Rolling out your joint region is more comfortable with these foam massagers. These rollers can target and relax tissues along the following areas:

  • Leg muscles
  • Quadriceps
  • Stomach
  • Back muscles

Apart from being a great reliever of several muscles, foam rollers can be effective in:

  • Reducing tension after an intense home workout
  • Increasing blood flow throughout the affected areas of workouts
  • Managing stressors that may affect the muscles

Using such a piece of equipment after a tough home exercise routine is crucial. Your home gym equipment inventory won’t be complete without accessories to relax after workouts.

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