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Level Up Your Home Gym: 7 Must-Have Accessories for Smith Machines, Functional Trainers, and Multifunction Power Rack/Squat Racks

Accessories for Functional trainers and smith machines by Maxum Fitness

Level Up Your Home Gym: 7 Must-Have Accessories for Smith Machines, Functional Trainers, and Multifunction Power Rack/Squat Racks

Setting up a home gym is a game-changer when it comes to achieving your fitness goals with comfort and convenience. Among the many versatile and space-saving options available, Smith Machines and Fucntional Trainers stand out as exceptional choices for full-body workouts. 

Whether you are a seasoned fitness pro or a beginner looking to elevate your training routine, incorporating the right equipment and accessories into your home gym setup can take your workout game to the next level. 

We’ve compiled a list of 7 must-have pieces of equipment and accessories that perfectly complement a home-gym Smith Machine, Functional Trainer, or Multifunction Power/Squat Rack.

1. Weight Plates: Foundational and Flexible

Weight plates are the cornerstone of any weightlifting routine. They offer immense flexibility for adjusting the resistance levels of various exercises on Smith Machines and power/squat racks. Many functional trainers have built in resistance adjustment, but for plate loaded functional trainers, weight plates are a necessity. 

Choose a variety of weight plates of different sizes and weights to cater to a wide range of exercises. From squats and deadlifts to shoulder presses and lunges, weight plates provide the added challenge necessary for muscle growth and strength development.

2. Barbells: Versatile Strength

Most Smith Machines come equipped with a standard smith machine barbell, but for squat and power racks, as well as functional trainers that incorporate either, you will most likely need to purchase a separate barbell. For both home gym setups, purchasing additional specialized barbells can significantly expand your exercise options. 

For instance, curl bar attachments allow you to target your biceps and triceps effectively. This type of attachment enables you to perform exercises with varying grip positions, targeting different muscle groups and preventing workout plateaus.

3. Cable Attachments: Enhanced Functionality

Functional Trainers are renowned for their cable-based exercises that can target very specific muscles or engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously, promoting tremendous functional strength and stability. Cable attachments like D-handle, straight bar, and rope attachments open up endless possibilities for exercises such as cable curls, triceps pushdowns, woodchoppers, and more. The smooth and consistent resistance provided by cables helps improve muscular balance and coordination while reducing the risk of injury.

Smith Machines and Functional Trainers may come with some attachments included, but there is always room to expand your training horizons with new accessories designed to target particular muscles or movements. Explore a wide range of cable exercises that you can try incorporating into your home workout routine.

4. Resistance Bands: Fine Tune Your Training

Resistance bands are compact, portable, and incredibly effective accessories that can be used on their own or to enhance other exercises. They can be easily attached to Functional Trainers or Smith Machines to add resistance to your exercises. With varying resistance levels, resistance bands allow you to target different muscle groups and can be adapted to challenge users of all fitness levels.

Resistance bands provide a reliable option for strength training and can be used for both upper and lower body exercises. Since they can be used on their own, without other equipment, they are also perfect for traveling or anytime you want to mix up your workout routine.

5. Adjustable Bench: Diversify Your Workouts

An adjustable bench is a versatile accessory that complements both Functional Trainers and Smith Machines. It opens up a plethora of exercise options, including bench presses, incline presses, seated rows, step-ups, and more.

The ability to adjust the bench’s angle allows you to target specific muscle groups effectively, promoting better muscle definition and overall strength. Furthermore, an adjustable bench is a space-saving solution that adds tremendous value to your home gym setup.

6. Compact Cardio Machine: Cardio Made Easy

A compact cardio machine, such as a space-saving elliptical trainer, stationary bike, or rowing machine, is an excellent addition to your home gym. Cardiovascular exercises are vital for improving heart health, burning calories, and enhancing overall endurance. These compact cardio machines provide a convenient way to perform effective cardio workouts in the comfort of your home.

Alongside a Smith Machine, Functional Trainer, or Squat/Power Rack, a cardio machine can be used to create incredible circuit and HIIT workout routines, all without ever stepping foot outside. Look for a machine with features like adjustable resistance levels, pre-programmed workouts, heart rate monitoring, and compact storage options to make the most out of your cardio sessions without sacrificing space.

7. Flooring: Safety and Protection

One often overlooked but crucial accessory for any home gym is proper flooring. Investing in high-quality gym flooring provides many benefits. Firstly, it ensures safety during workouts by offering a stable and non-slip surface, reducing the risk of injuries caused by slips or falls.

Additionally, gym flooring helps protect your home’s floor from damage due to heavy equipment, dropping weights, and constant movement. It also reduces noise and vibrations, making your home gym a more pleasant environment for both you and your household.

MAXUMize Your Home Gym Experience

Functional Trainers, Smith Machines, and Multifunction Power/Squat Racks are fantastic pieces of equipment for any home gym, and when they are accessorized correctly, they truly become an all-in-one home gym solution. By incorporating the right accessories like weight plates, barbell attachments, cable attachments, resistance bands, adjustable benches, compact cardio machines, and high-quality gym flooring, you can take your home gym experience to new heights.

Remember, versatility, functionality, safety, and convenience are key when choosing accessories, so invest wisely to enjoy a rewarding and effective workout journey from the comfort of your home.

For all your Smith Machine, Functional Trainer, and Multifunction Power/Squat Rack needs, look no further than MAXUM Fitness. With bundle discounts on accessories and equipment to compliment your Smith Machine or Functional Trainer, you get incredible value and fast, free Canada-wide shipping on orders over $500. Trust the experts at MAXUM Fitness to help you MAXUMize your home gym.

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