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Weight Training Routines: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

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Weight Training Routines: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Weight training, commonly referred to as resistance training, is a type of strength training exercise that focuses on improving the body’s physique through the use of weights. When muscles are subjected to the right amount of stress, they not only grow but will also become stronger. Moreover, building strong muscles is essential for everyone as the body tends to lose most of its muscle mass as it ages.

Besides muscles, weight training strengthens joints and bones, meaning it is good for the whole body. However, you can only benefit from strength training programs if you apply the right weight training routines. That being said, you won’t experience any problem provided that you do everything correctly.

Still, you should keep in mind that weight training can result in serious injuries that may limit you from lifting more weight. Most people get fractures and sprains because they are either using the wrong equipment or pushing their bodies beyond their limits.

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What to Consider When Choosing Weight Training Routines

As stated earlier, resistance training can result in injuries if things are not done the right way. As such, there are factors that you should put into consideration before settling for a particular routine. Also, routines differ in terms of effectiveness and the part of the body that is impacted. Here are some of the things that you should consider when choosing weight training routines.

End Goal

When it comes to weight training, everybody needs an end goal. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or a professional trainer, your goals will determine everything at the end of the day. Having an end goal is important because it will make your work easier when choosing training equipment or when making other decisions that may affect your training routine. If you are targeting a specific muscle group, ensure that you choose a routine that will deliver maximum results within the shortest time possible without straining the body.

By referring to your goals, you will be able to tell whether the routine that you are about to choose matches your requirements.


Some weight training routines may require you to use special equipment to get maximum results. As such, ensure that you research each routine and the type of equipment that you may need.

Training equipment come at different prices, so you should only go for items that are within your budget. MAXUM fitness provides you with some of the best deals in the market. Plus, you can make orders through the company’s website.

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Underlying Health Condition

Always remember that some weight training routines may be too strenuous for the body, especially if you have underlying health conditions.

For example, certain heart conditions can cause shortness of breath, chest pains, and dizziness when you engage your body in intensive weight training exercises.

To be on the safe side, you should consult your doctor before engaging in any form of training. You can also rely on your personal trainer when choosing routines.


Time is also another factor that you should keep in mind when choosing a strength training routine.

Some routines may require you to perform more repetitions, meaning more time will be needed to achieve the end goal. If you have a busy schedule, you should go for a routine that suits you.

How Much Weight Should I Lift?

If you are a beginner, you should keep everything at a minimum. This applies to the weight, sets, and reps. And that is one of the reasons why it is advisable to have a personal trainer who can guide you on what to do.

When lifting more weight, you should perform few reps and vice versa. Also, you should stop training in case you feel any pain.

Common Exercises That You Can Include In Your Weight Training Routine

Dumbbell Shoulder Press

This exercise targets the shoulder muscles and also strengthens the arms. It is very easy to perform since you only need two dumbbells. You can perform the exercise while seated or standing.

With a dumbbell firmly held in each hand, and the shoulders set at a 90° angle, push the dumbbells up and down to achieve the reps that you want.

The Snode AD50 Adjustable Dumbbells from MAXUM fitness can particularly come in handy when performing this exercise at home.

Bicep Curls

As the name suggests, this exercise focuses on strengthening the bicep muscles. To perform this exercise, you will need to hold a dumbbell in each hand with both arms hanging on the side of your body.

With the palms facing forward and the shoulders close to the torso, bend both elbows without them moving from the position that they are in. Return your arms to the original position and repeat a required.

Dumbbell Chest Press

If you looking to train your chest muscles, this is one of the exercises that you can perform. Unlike the two exercises that we have listed above, the Dumbbell chest press requires you to use a bench.

That should, however, not worry you because you can get one from MAXUM fitness. The FID-400 Adjustable Flat / Incline / Decline Bench Press is not only comfortable but also durable.

It will allow you to perform multiple reps without hurting your back or experiencing any discomfort, thanks to its thick padding.

Back to the exercise, simply lie flat on the bench. Hold a dumbbell in each hand with the palms facing towards your legs. Push each arm upward such that it aligns with the shoulder. Reset your arms and repeat.

Note: To get a better understanding of how you can perform these exercises, you can use online videos.

Maximize Your Weight Training Routines With MAXUM fitness

MAXUM fitness provides you with high-quality home equipment that you can use to perform arm exercises, core exercises, leg exercises, back exercises, etc.

But most importantly, all the equipment are designed with your safety in mind, making them a suitable option for beginners and professional trainers alike. Visit our website today:

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