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9 Reasons To Get A S-150 Smith Machine Functional Trainer Squat Rack Home Gym

9 Reasons To Get A S-150 Smith Machine Functional Trainer Squat Rack Home Gym

Updating your home gym is an excellent step to support your quest for total fitness. But it’s not a great idea to get bit-part exercise equipment when you could get a full-on fitness package. The S-150 Smith Machine is an excellent functional trainer that can replace your squat rack and other home gym gear.

There’s so much this Smith machine can do that it doesn’t get credit for. Many fitness trainers rate the mechanical beast as the best fitness set for newcomers and professional athletes. Focusing on your home gym fitness routine will be fluid, more-rewarding, and satisfying. 

But why would you need a Smith machine among your home gym equipment? How can a functional trainer like the S-150 be of any use to you? Find out nine (9) great reasons to order an S-150 today. And if you’re not sure where to place your orders, there’s more info on that later in this guide.

What is a Smith Machine?

Smith machines are fitness-training equipment designed to support exercise regimes with multiple workout aids. These functional trainers come in handy to provide support for many exercise movements and are perfect for home/commercial exercise routines.

Several models of the Smith machine exist, but the S-150 is a favored choice among fitness enthusiasts. So many reasons make this machine a top pick for fitness trainers, and we’ll find out why in a bit.

9 Reasons Why You Should Add the S-150 Functional Trainer to Your Home Gym

Nobody would like to order a functional trainer without knowing what it brings to an exercise routine. Getting wind of what this machine can do proves vital over time and guarantees an excellent investment.

Safe squat support – Moving weights in a squatting position helps build lower torso, leg, and back muscles. But not being in a safe position could cause significant muscle strain or injuries. The S-150 provides adequate support for safe squats with a durable squat rack. 

  • Increased stability – The S-150 home gym trainer features a predetermined bar path built to support a standard range of motion and better stability. Performing presses with a barbell becomes sharper than in regular positions. Such support makes it easy to keep your posture in check and provides room for better exercise movements.
  • Tougher free-weight squats – Free-weight squats without a functional trainer works several muscles, but lacks the benefits a Smith machine provides.  The Smith machine provides adequate support required to leverage metabolic stress needed for more-rewarding squats. A Smith machine also provides support for lighter tempo work, meaning exercisers won’t go through unnecessary stress for great results. Taking your squats (and its gains) to a different level is easy with powerful home gym trainers like the S-150.
  • Support for total body workouts – With support for at least a dozen attachments, the S-150 Smith machine proves handy in guaranteeing full body workouts. The fixed track of this machine also guarantees balance to perform squats, presses, and so much more. Getting a machine that works your entire muscle groups is a great deal, no matter how you look at it. And the S-150 brings so much to a full-body workout than most fitness equipment combined.
  • Balance training support – Many fitness enthusiasts are keen to build their center of gravity along with other relevant muscle groups. High-level support for squats, presses, pull-ups, and other movements boosts the endurance of core muscles.
  • Pull-up support – Finishing pull-up reps regularly increases upper body weight endurance while building muscle strength. A high-quality pull-up station on the S-150 guarantees enough support to make bar moves more rewarding than ever before.
  • Smoother cable resistance – Working out at home will be difficult without a machine that provides enough resistance to engage your muscles. The S-150 provides excellent cable resistance designed to help exercisers work more muscles with less effort.  Getting the right muscle groups worked is easier with a machine that provides swift balance like this unit does. Such sleek support makes sure you get into a great shape and stay so without leaving your comfort zone.
  • Massive weight support – The load capacity of home trainers determines whether it has your name on it or not. But the S-150 Smith machine comes with an impressive load capacity to support several weight levels without stress. At a staggering 300lbs load capacity, a workout regime to lose weight or build tougher muscles is more comfortable.

And the functional trainer’s huge weight support gives it longevity in your home gym, guaranteeing you more value for money.

  • High-quality fitting, upholstery, and padding  – With an 11ga. stainless steel tube and 5X10cm thick steel frame, this Smith machine assures tough support for all exercises. he padded upholstery adds more than just elegant detail to the S-150. It provides the right amount of support needed to complete challenging movements that promise significant benefits. Being in a comfortable position during exercise is the main goal of this machine. 

Start Your Journey to a Rewarding Exercise Routine Today. Place Your Order Now!

Setting achievable fitness goals won’t be easy without a strong all-in-one home gym gear. A tough set of power racks, squat racks, and other vital exercise equipment must be in your home gym for the best results.

Don’t place orders for a Smith machine at random stores to avoid disappointment. Now that you’ve gotten nine solid reasons to get a Smith machine, order a high-quality unit from MAXUM fitness today. MAXUM fitness has a huge collection of stuff the best home gyms are made of. 

All fitness gear available come at prices to beat, including the S-150 functional trainer. And if you choose to order the S-150, you get free shipping, a 20% discount on supporting equipment, and much more. Kicking off your weight training or muscle building regime doesn’t get any better than this for sure!

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